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Mortgage Checklist - Application Items

Email the items below to [email protected]

  • Copy of driver’s license or passport
  • Copy of social security card
  • Address history last 2 years?
  • How long at current address? 
  • Rent or Own?
  • If renting, current rent paid/month?
  • Employment history last 2 years?
  • Name of company owned?
  • Current job title?
  • How long in current job title?
  • Married or UnMarried?
  • Dependents, names and ages (if any)
  • Hazard insurance policy DEC page
  • Current mortgage statement (refinance)
  • Signed copy of purchase agreement (purchase)
  • Credit Authorization (include with the items above)

Self Employed & Stated Income Qualifying Items

To qualify with Bank Statements, submit these items:

  • 24 months current bank statements (all pages)
  • Business license or CPA letter showing you’ve been in the same business for the last 2 years.

To qualify with Stated Income, submit these items:

  • 2 months current bank statements (all pages)
  • Lease agreements on properties owned

Tax-Return Borrower's

  • Credit Authorization (include with the items below).
  • Pay-stubs covering a 30 day period
  • Last 2 years tax returns (1040’s)
  • Last 2 years of W-2’s

Retired Individuals

  • Credit Authorization (include with the items below)
  • Social Security, pension and other retirement award letters
  • Last 3 months of bank statements
  • Last tax return or 1099’s

Miscellaneous Income Documents

  • Copy of the rental agreements for any rental units owned.
  • If applicable, a copy of your divorce decree.
  • If you’d like child support considered, provide proof for the previous 12 months.
  • If you’re not a US Citizen, copy of your green card front/back.
  • If you have an insurance agent, their contact info for your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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