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How to qualify for a mortgage if you're self employed?

We don’t require tax returns!  Instead, use personal or business bank statements to get your mortgage.  We have programs using 12 or 24 month bank statements to qualify.  Tax write-off’s are meaningless with us.  In some rare situations, self employed borrower’s can actually qualify using their tax returns.  In these cases, we can analyze both methods – bank statements and tax returns to see which works better for the borrower.  Apply Here

How long do you need to be self employed to get a mortgage?

2 years self employment are needed to qualify for a self employed mortgage.

Are stated income mortgage loans still available?

Yes.  Stated income mortgages are also available for self employed on residential investment and commercial properties.  Primary residences allowed under business purpose deals.

Who offers asset depletion mortgage loans?

Yes.  Mortgage Wholesale offers asset depletion loans.  We have funded loans for borrower’s who didn’t even have a job but showed significant liquid assets.  These are generally for high net-worth individuals.

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